Seeedstudio grove smart plant care kit for arduino

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If it shows the driver is outdated, please follow this instruction to update the driver. With Lobe. They build, train, and apply machine learning models to predict nutrient deficiencies in their plants, and identifying pests in their garden. There are activities where students set up an agent and others where they work with a curated big data set. The learning progression enables students to easily see the connections between these modern agriculture tools and the opportunities they afford.

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  • Seeed Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino
  • 2020/21's First Year Students: Arduinos, Matlab and Java
  • Seeed Studio Grove Smart Plant Care Kit, Arduino Compatible Board
  • Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino 智慧植物照料套件
  • Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino
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Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor - Corrosion Resistant

The students took two programming classes:. In both courses the students used Arduino-compatible hardware connected to their computers. The hardware, designed and sold by Seeed Studio, was purchased by students in kit form from the YorkU Bookstore and used in both semesters.

The kit included:. Students worked with these kits for both lab work and project work. For example, here is a video of a student-generated "Major Project" using the Arduino-compatible Grove board:.

YouTube video example. Our first year engineering students now have eight months of experience developing with Arduinos, Matlab and Java. We augmented the kit with extra peripherals, and with the use of Matlab and Java, but none of these is required for basic functionality. A wide variety of standard Arduino "shields", as well as wired Grove modules are available from Seeed , Digikey , Mouser and Robotshop. We wanted to show our students how they could use the hardware in instrumentation and control applications, so we taught them how to interface the boards to their computers, first with Matlab, and then with Java.

Matlab is licencesd for use across York University, so is free for faculty, staff and students to use. Arduino setup on Matlab pops up a new window. The Matlab approach is the easiest way to create an interface to the the Arduino-compatible boards. The Mathworks includes off-the-shelf driver and example support for Arduino-type boards, as per their dedicated webpage. All of our students now have hands-on experience installing Matlab , the Arduino IDE, and the Arduino drivers within Matlab, in addition to actually creating systems that combine Arduino hardware and Matlab.

We chose these lab kits for our two programming classes to give students real world, broadly-applicable experience that could be leveraged in any engineering discipline that the students end up pursuing. Instrumentation and control applications are found throughout all engineering disciplines. For Mechanical, Civil and other, non-EECS engineering programs, these lab kits -- or variants of them -- could be used in lab activities within your departments' programs as the students already own the hardware including a multimeter!

We partnered with the YorkU Bookstore to supply lab kits to the students. Unlike other universities that loan out equipment to students, we chose to go the student-owned route for a few reasons, not the least of which is that it is important for students to learn to source and maintain their own engineering equipment. While the vast majority of students purchased the Bookstore kit, some did not. Those that did not opted to purchase or use other Arduino-compatible boards, either because of cost, shipment timing, shipping restrictions some countries that students live in are embargoed by Canada or existing ownership.

Regardless, all students had experience programming some version of an Arduino board in both semesters. Plant watering example with the Arduino-compatible Grove Beginner Kit. The project involved developing an automated plant-watering application. A typical setup looked like this:. And here are examples of students explaining their projects, either with Matlab or Java on the host computer:.

The major project required that students work on an application that combined Matlab or Java programming with their Arduino board. The following are publicly-available videos of projects created by our 1st year engineering students, published on YouTube.

If you 're interested in seeing more of the material that the students used to learn from, there are three YouTube channels that I've created. The EECS tech team and the staff at the Bookstore were instrumental in making these courses a success.

Thank you! Global Search search box search button. Skip to main content Skip to local navigation. James Andrew Smith. The students took two programming classes: Matlab procedural programming in Fall Java object-oriented programming in Winter In both courses the students used Arduino-compatible hardware connected to their computers.

For example, here is a video of a student-generated "Major Project" using the Arduino-compatible Grove board: YouTube video example. Capacitive sensor attached via header.

Seeed Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino

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Grove - Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino. To keep the indoor plants alive and robust is not an easy task. Plants are like people, they need nu.

2020/21's First Year Students: Arduinos, Matlab and Java

Dear customers,. Yours sincerely. Your EXP-Tech team. Prices plus VAT plus shipping costs. To keep the indoor plants alive and robust is not an easy task. Plants are like people, they need nutritious soil, right temperature, adequate sunshine and water for the healthy growth. Many electronics beginners who are getting started with Arduino and love planting would start their first project of making a plant growing system. You accept the following cookies by clicking on Accept all. You will find further information in the privacy settings, where you can also change your selection at any time. Just go to the page with the privacy policy.

Seeed Studio Grove Smart Plant Care Kit, Arduino Compatible Board

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Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino 智慧植物照料套件

Gardening is a nice activity. It needs care to keep a crop growing well. It is not possible to monitor and tend to a garden 24 hours a day, so we need a smart gardening system that can monitor and tend to the garden as we want it. This chapter will help you explore existing gardening systems and build your own simple smart gardening system. Introducing smart gardening systems. Exploring gardening system platforms.

Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino

The Grove Smart Plant Care kit takes plant care and monitoring to a whole new level by combining Grove modules with your Arduino. There's a set of sensors to monitor the plant's environment including temperature and humidity, moisture, and sunlight. Then there's a simple watering system with a water pump, a relay to control the pump, and a flow sensor. And finally there's the control system which has an OLED display, a rotary encoder,and a push button. All these components are supported by a Grove base shield which plugs into your Arduino or compatible microcontroller. This is the perfect kit for those electronic beginners who are getting started with Arduino and fancy a project that has a real aim; to nurture and grow a plant. This is a one-stop solution to building your own plant care system! This kit is really simple to use; there is no soldering required and no breadboard, just plug and play.

Pi-top Robotics Kit with Expansion Plate Bundle Arduino Sidekick Basic Kit for Arduino V2 Arduino Grove Smart Plant Care Kit.

Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days by Agus Kurniawan

Introducing an ingenious solution to building a care system to keep your indoor plants in peak condtion. Taking good care of everything from soil composition and temperature to water and light levels, this Grove Plant Care Kit is perfect for Arduino beginners who happen to love their plants. Help others in the community by sharing your experience.

Grove Smarts

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This sensor is based on non-dispersive infrared NDIR technology and has better selectivity and oxygen-free dependency. To connect the sensor, there are 4 leads. Make sure that the sensor's physical analogue … This compact DFRobot oxygen sensor supports I2C output, it can be calibrated in the air, can accurately measure the oxygen concentration in the environment. Oxygen sensing using this sensor enables oxygen concentration to be calculated. High pressure and temperature exhaust gases leave the engine cylinder during the exhaust stroke travel through the exhaust manifold and come in contact with the oxygen sensor place before the catalytic sensor. When there is an increase in polluting gases, the resistance of the gas sensor decreases along with that.

I use basil a lot in my cooking. It's a herb I can manage to usually keep alive - until I go away for a few weeks.

The smart watering kit is based on Arduino Lenardo which has integrated into the mainboard. We add a RTC to set timing watering and a 0. The kit includes a pump, capacitive soil moisture sensors, water switch to redirect the water to up to 4 plants and pipes for the water to go through. Compared with the resistance moisture sensor, the soil moisture sensor is made of a corrosion resistant material, which will provide a long service life. The Smart Watering Kit allows providing all your own smart plant monitoring system with ease of use and unlimited options!

The kit includes all the sensors and shields necessary for building the project including an instruction manual, but some extra parts need to be bought. Seeed Studio doesn't have a written guide or a video tutorial online for putting together the kit, so decided to write an instructable on this, including a video tutorial. I've also mentioned the basic design and the placements of different sensors. Water automatically starts pumping as the soil moisture goes below a set value.

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